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Hollins is a Bruin

Missouri City (Texas) Marshall defensive prospect Deon Hollins made his college choice tonight. And to the surprise of some, his plan, for now is to head West to UCLA.

UCLA offered only a few days ago, but as Bruin247 reported, the offer was a big one.

"Really it's just the combination of the 3-4 defense they run and the coaching staff's NFL experience," Hollins said. "I have felt all along the 3-4 defense would always suit me best since I don't feel like I'm a traditional linebacker."

Coach Demetrice Martin is in charge of the Houston area. However it was coach Jeff Ulbricht who also played a pivotal role in the decision to commit.

"Both coaches are great and have been recruiting me pretty hard," he said. "Coach Ulbricht is fresh out of the NFL and I know he can make me better. I know a lot of the services have me ranked as a four-star but the UCLA coaches have been telling me they think I have five-star potential."

The staff did not keep it cool when Hollins gave word of his commitment.

"I could hear them all hooting and hollering and clapping. It's crazy to hear them get that excited and know that it's for you."

Hollins said despite the commitment, he will continue to consider a few other schools to be certain of his decision.

Washington, Arkansas and Boise State are the main three programs Hollins will consider in addition to his UCLA commitment.

"I just want to be sure of my decision. But I consider myself a Bruin and it's where I want to be."

This weekend he will travel to the NFTC event in Dallas.

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