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Mora brings intensity to UCLA

Today UCLA football will kick off the new era under head coach Jim Mora Jr. The Bruins will open up Spring practice this afternoon at about 4 PM PST.

Coach Mora and his staff have been working feverishly trying to evaluate current talent and lay the groundwork for the offensive and defensive strategies.

Yesterday I briefly spent a moment in the football offices at UCLA as I toured the campus. The coaches were fired up and spending a lot of time together trying to confirm certain formations and other adjustments.

Coach Mora brings an energy to the office that seems to have been missing previously. It's not over the top, merely an 'intense' sort of excitement that feeds into his coaching staff.

Today Bruin football will be different.

A different pace, different faces and new drills. Expect the Bruins to pick up the pace offensively and run practice at a more intense level. It may be considered more of an up-tempo version of an ASU offense.

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone will start working on his quarterback of the future, which most likely will be Brett Hundley in the immediate future. Coach Mazzone has had a lot of success with quarterbacks in his past. Hopefully he can work his magic on the gifted athlete.

Defensively it could be very interesting with a 3-4 front. Defensive coordinator Lou Spanos will bring his NFL experience to the table along with several position coaches also with NFL experience. It seems highly possible this defense may incorporate several different blitz packages from their 3-man front.

Whether it be on offense or defense, they simply must identify players. Most, if not all, positions are open for competition and this Spring will be pivotal for the depth chart this Fall.

It's time to see the new brand of Bruin football.

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