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Frustratingly Always A Quarterback Away!!!

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    Can we get a damn quarterback for Christ's sake?

    Check out this article below, it's a Q&A with Terry Donahue, the most legendary UCLA football coach we've had (we also had Dick Vermeil but he won more in the Pro's).

    Coach Donahue is EXACTLY right-on, basically saying that UCLA's mediocrity since 1999 is a byproduct of not having a dominant quarterback.

    Sure there was the year we went 10-2, I think it was 2005. Drew Olson was at the helm, and we had Maurice Jones-Drew, Marcedes Lewis, and so many other players who went on to the NFL. However, since the years of Cade McNown, over a decade ago, we've been cursed with mediocrity, and the reason...we haven't had a dominator at quarterback.

    Here's a fun little story that is both frustrating and...even more frustrating now that I think about it.

    During the 98 season, the Bruins opened up 10 and 0, they were on a tear and had won 20 games straight since the previous year, the longest streak in the nation. Recruits were hard pressed to turn the school down...what could be better? a top 25 academic school with a powerful diploma, and athletically a school that has produced...well there's actually too many names of sports stars to write about, but just as an example, I believe that UCLA Track and Field actually has more olympic medals than most other countries in the world combined (go to, they have the exact facts).

    So back to the story, Cade McNown, who was up for the Heisman, was carrying us down the path of domination, albeit we had a young defense, so some of those games were tough wins. So the recruits were lining up. For the Quarterback situation we had Cory Paus, who was redshirting, and then the two recruits who had their eyes on UCLA were Kyle Boller and JP Losman.

    More to the story...

    JP Losman committed to UCLA early, he finished Venice High (I believe that was his HS) early. JP committing to UCLA was not the best thing for Kyle Boller, and rightfully so, as a player you want the chance to play as much as possible and build your skills for years. So BECAUSE JP Losman committed to UCLA, Boller, who wanted to go to UCLA because he was a fan of UCLA, and his best friend Jerry Owens (UCLA Receiver) committed to UCLA, instead, chose to go to Cal. So we lost Boller, and, no matter what he's done or has not done in the pros, was a first round pick in the NFL.

    JP Losman ended high school early and reported to UCLA spring practice, where he was number two behind Cory Paus, who already had a year of redshirting under his belt. JP finished spring ball, and evidently he thought he wasn't going to have a chance at starting in his first year, so he transferred to Tulane, where he had a good career...and ended up a first round pick in the NFL draft, regardless of what his career has or has not done in the Pros.

    We've had tons of talent over the years, defensive and offensive players who have had dominant college careers and are still making their marks in the NFL now. However, football is a game of execution, talent, and luck, and a good quarterback can do SOOOO much for a program, they guarantee a few wins each year alone just by being good. And a short, sad, frustrating synopsis...that is why UCLA has been struggling with mediocrity for so many years, we're always just a quarterback away. We'll be back, though, someday soon.

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  • So do you think Brett Hundley has the tools or will it have to wait for Devin Fuller to develop.

    The UCLA staff from what I hear is 'giddy' with glee at the prospect of Fuller and his offensive skill set.

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  • It really doesn't matter, I'm not a quarterback analyst, I was a d-lineman. Some quarterbacks come out of high school as the best in the nation, some wait, and develop, and then dominate.

    My question is more along the lines of WHY UCLA can't draw the cream of the crop consistently, or even in the last 10 years for that matter.

    We're the school of Troy Aikman, Jackie Robinson, John Wooden, Lou Alcindor, Mark Harmon (who's seen 'Summer School'?) It's just like voodoo, can't be explained.

    I hope for the best for these new guys, I honestly know nothing about them, but I'd just think that UCLA would herald THE best quarterbacks out there.

  • Barton S

    That's a great story on Boller and Losman. Great example of how maddening and inexact the whole recruiting game is...and how fun it is to follow.

    The thing about UCLA is not that they haven't been getting highly recruited guys, they've just been evaluating or developing poorly.

    2002: Drew Olson and Matt Moore - both 4-stars
    2003: No QBs
    2004: Patrick Cowan, David Koral - both two-stars (eek)
    2005: Ben Olson - 5-star, Ossar Rasshan - 3-star
    2006: No QBs
    2007: Chris Forcier - 4-star
    2008: Kevin Craft, Nick Crissman, Kevin Prince - All 3-stars (lots of mediocrity there)
    2009: Richard Brehaut - 4-star, nationally recruited
    2010: Darius Bell - 2-star
    2011: Brett Hundley - 4-star, Jerry Neuheisel - 3star
    2012: T.J. Millweard - 3star, Devin Fuller - 4-star (ATH)

    That's not exactly a who's who of elite high school prospects, but you would expect that at least a few of those guys would have panned out into an effective college QB.

    Hopefully this staff can turn things around. Eddie Printz is a good start though. He's a kid with a lot of ability that should really thrive under Mazzone.

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  • The good news is, UCLA "has" QB's on their roster.

    The problem is, they can never(emphasis on never), seem to stay healthy for an entire year.

    I don't believe I've ever seen a team with so many injuries to their QB's, year after year. It's really unbelievable, almost as if the position is jinked.

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  • MatBall49,

    Great post. Thanks for the insight. Let's hope the new staff brings a wave of healthy QBs.

    BB #1 UCLA Fan