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Saturday Football Practice April 13

  • It was cold and a little misty on Spaulding Field today.

    After some warm-ups, they lined up for the gauntlet drill.

    First up was Anthony Barr (AB) versus Torian White. I might be reading into this but I’ve always believed that Torian White can be a prototype left tackle, however he lacks the drive. We will be a much better team next season if Torian claims that left tackle spot. I am guessing that this why the coaches put him up against AB. That’s just my guess. The end of the gauntlet drill was a “dog pile” of a coach (noel Mazzone maybe).

    Jonathon Franklin graced the sidelines today and was met with photograph and autograph hounds. Bret Hundley lobbed in between plays lobbed a rainbow pass towards the sideline (I believe) to acknowledge him. Sheldon Price was also there. Still looks like someone should give him a sandwich. He of course was less celebrated.
    Who looked good?

    I know much has been made of the ongoing competition between Devin Lucien and Jordan Payton. Both looked good. IMO Devin is more suited for the outside and Payton more suited for inside routes. Devin just appears to be more explosive. Devin made an impressive diving catch in the end zone.

    However, it was Devin Fuller who “beasted” today. He made one tough catch despite Goforth committed pass interference. He made tough catches shielding with his body inside, long deep catches, fighting people for the ball. I know some like him as a QB but he is a receiver. I don’t mention Shaq a lot because he’s the rock of the wide receivers. He is Mr. Consistent. He makes all the plays. Walker looks really really fast.

    Mora is not playing.
    He kicked three guys out of practice for fights during the play. First Kevin McReynolds and Nate Iese were kicked out for fighting and then later Ceachir was kicked out in a separate flare up. Mora ordered them to the locker room”.

    Offensive Line
    I enoyed seeing Goines to the lineup. Goines rotated in with the first group at RT. Sua Fil’o swung between OG and OT. Torian got a lot of reps at Left Tackle and right tackle. Ben Wysocki and Jake Brendel all played with the first team. Ceachir (before he was kicked out) , Carl Hulick and Kody Innes (CTR) played inside. I don’t remember seeing Alberto Cid or Conor McDermott. (I didn’t notice them) McReynolds played with the second unit until he was kicked out.

    Running Backs

    Paul Perkins looked solid. On one play he “juked” AB in space. AB is much better when he is rushing the passer. He needs to work on pass coverage. Malcolm Jones had a good long run.


    Play was solid and are clearly the strength of our football team. Nothing major to report, but Hofmeister took a lot of reps with the first team (in place of the injured Kendricks). He is underwhelming phsycially but he is great at leading defense aligning people. He is a “thinking” linebacker. He is always in the right position. He always stays disciplined and reads his keys. If Zumwalt had his brain he’d be an All-American. I got my first look at Lagace at ILB. I was not impressed. I got my first look Orijioke. He passes the “eyeball test”. He looks like a OLB in the 3-4. Who impressed me? Jeremy Castro. On this one particular play, the kind of play that Wallace would have been in the wrong place Castro stayed disciplined and tackled Devin Fuller in the open field with a crushing hit. I think he’s our guy at OLB opposite AB. Just my .02 dollars.


    Stan McKay was out there with the starters. I didn’t see Riley. I still have my doubts about his ability to start next year. Anthony Jefferson (IMO) looks pretty good. Ishmael Adams is small but he’s fierce.


    I saw John Lopez. He looks thinner to me. Or maybe I wasn’t paying attention. This is the first time I’ve seen him up close. He has very skinny legs for a lineman. I always thought that about Adrian Klemm when he played in NFL. I “think” I saw Lacey Westbrook.

    Someone mentioned that Rushel Shell was at practice. We could use him. I hope he commits this weekend. From my reading on the internet it looks good. He should have a long discussion with jonathon Franklin about the benefit of running in the Mazzone offense. Franklin went from "zero to hero".

    Hundley looks comfortable. Neuheisel threw a bad ball and got picked. I think he got confused on his pre-snap read. He made a horrible throw. He showed some touch on a ball. Milweard didn’t stand out to me for good or bad. He was just there.

  • Another fine observation. Nice meeting you at practice, by the way. Until next time.

  • Is Anthony Jefferson (AJ) playing Cirner or Safety?

  • Giving him a shot at both spots, apparently. Keep you posted on how things progress.