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Spring roster WEIGHT - ing GAME

  • I have a pretty good memory and I take a long look at the roster from spring to spring. First, you never know how accurate the listings are but it's interesting at times to make observations and make some guesses. Why not?


    DE Eli Ankou 6’3” 290 FR*; may be growing into the DT we didn’t recruit last year. Recruited as a DE he has some athleticism. I’d consider moving him inside. IKudos I like this weight gain. He seems like a "team guy" ++++ I love Kenneth Clark. I think he will help us down the road but Ankou will be a better answer, right now to add depth at DT.

    OG Xavier Sua Fil’o 6’4” 304 JR - X-man always does the right thing. As an OG he needs the extra girth (if it is all muscle) especially for the next level . (I’d like to see him get to 320 by next year). ++++

    OG Greg Capella 6’3” 304 SR*; OG Alexandru Ceachir 6’5” 302 JR; DT


    DE Cassius Marsh 6’4” 268 SR- He wasn’t listed at 290 last year. Somehow I see this as a good thing. He has talent but hasn’t gotten it all together in my opinion. So weight loss good? I dunno we’ll see.

    DT Seali’I Epenesa 6’1” 316 - I like this weight loss. He appeared to be lumbering and slow but still did a decent job. If his weight loss is accompanied by an increase in explosiveness and quickness. I think it’s a good move.

    DT BRANDON TULIAUPUPU 6’1 302 – I like this weight loss. He needed to improve his quickness. We need him for depth at DT. (It should be noted that Ellis is NOW listed at DT thou


    OLB Anthony Barr 6’4” 245 SR; AB is a star. As a Loyola alum I know that putting on bulk was never AB’s thing (many at Loyola privately said he could have worked harder in the weight room) but he was trying to be at tailback and contrary to popular belief he was a light agile type runner not a bulldozer. I see people say he was a battering ram but that’s just flat out wrong. With the position change he needs to put on “good weight”. I think he’s gotten a tiny bit heavier, but he’s always needed to work on his strength. I just know in my heart he is doing it in the weight room! (he was hurt most of last spring)

    DT Ellis McCarthay 6’4 330 SO; Ellis “Island”. It’s time to make your mark. As far as pass rush Ellis will be Mr. Inside… while AB will be Mr. outside. (Owa will also do his share). I think our defensive line is looking pretty good.


    C Jake Brendel 6’4” 276; Carl Hulick 6’2” 277 FR*; Kodi Innes 6’3 275;
    Just an observation. As a group our centers appear to be LOSING weight. I guess this makes sense since one might want the centers to be light and nimble. My favorite centers have all been lighter.


    RB Ahmad Harris 5’4 157 FR* ( I hope this is a typo 5’4”?- It doesn't matter, but... ); CR WR Eldridge Massington 6’1” 206 FR (Scout had him at 6’3”) It’s funny how these recruits often show up 2 inches. It is usually a combination of a little puffing and also measuring in “stocking feet”


    LB Armide Olaniyan 6’1” 196 JR - I’ve always loved AO. I loved his film in high school. He had a nose for the ball and often played on the LOS. He just hasn’t put on the weight. It appears he is destined to be a special teams specialist. Sad.

    Torian White – I just don’t understand this. He has a prototype frame for a LT in the NFL. I was convinced that his failure to put on “good weight” was somehow related to his corrected heart situation. But he appears on the spring roster at 282 going into his THIRD full season. Well… it might be a matter of NOT having “heart”. C’mon Torian. OR maybe it's all by design and he's exactly where they want him to be. I hope so... but that is NOT pro weight. Torian, we're still "weight-ing".

    I like the overall direction, but, in a team effort, you will always have guys who refuse to pull their own "weight".

  • With posts like this, it might be time to give you a better platform to express your thoughts...

  • How do we know these measurements are accurate?

  • I prefaced my note by stating that there is no way of knowing how accurate these listed measurements are... Blind faith? Ehh It gives us something to talk about...

  • Oh wait ...maybe I misunderstood the question. The measurements were retrieved from UCLA's official sports website... So these are the actual numbers self-reported by UCLA football.

    As far as relative weight gain or loss that cones from my memory of the past listings. I spoke of big changes that jumped out at me.

    But again even if reported by ucla coaches who knows how accurate the numbers are...?

  • At the very least, debate is good.

  • Agreed. I saw recent pics of Carl Hulick who came in at 305lbs. This kid is a power lifter, was California's CIF heavyweight wrestling champion and the strongest player in his class. Excess fat was not his problem. A 10% drop in bodyweight is significant. It's also unlikely as S&C Coach Sal Alosi's weight training and conditioning regimen, now in place for these players for over an entire year, would cause fat mass to be lost, but replaced by more dense muscle mass. Simon Goines came in a huge kid with lots of baby fat. He was naturally strong, not football strong. Knee surgery no doubt slowed his power regimen up some. Still, I can see a 10% weight drop in his body fat mass being replaced by muscle mass, leaving him slimmer and trimmer but much stronger.

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  • Then again, with all this weight loss, are we the second coming of the "Gutty Little Bruins"?

  • These numbers came from ucla's official roster... On ucla's official sports info website... Recently updated. I'll tell ya that I'm surprised but I can't really think of a reason why the bruin staff would intentionally give misinformation... As far as Hulic is concerned I don't ever remember seeing a report about his body fat composition... So I simply can't rule that out as a possibility...

    My only observation regarding the centers in general was that they all seemed to lose weight in concert. (If one accepts the Weights provided by UCLA football as true) My theory was that it was by design... To get them quicker and more agile... A good thing for a center to be... My favorite centers were always a bit undersized.

    I'm sure we'll learn more as we go along... But at least it gives us something to discuss/debate while we wait for spring football to start...

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  • Upon further review, Hulick's weight is likely genuine. Can't say that I recall Hulick's bodyfat % being bandied about, but I saw plenty of videos on this cat from his powerlifting and wrestling. He was carrying some extra weight, but he was built solid; he looked like he was in his late 20's. Hulick is an avid power weightlifter, unlike Simon Goines who is just a genetically strong, large young man.

    In Hulick's case, the muscle mass was already there from his early lifting regimen. It stands to reason that Coach Mora's stated off season emphasis on strength, agility and conditioning melted off that excess weight he was carrying. Being stronger, faster and more agile is definitely going to pay big dividends, given the uptempo offense we run. Not to mention, a resultant decrease in injuries. This is the same approach Coach Alosi took with the Jets, whose athletes had the lowest injury rate in the NFL during his tenure there.

    That being said, a 6'2" 280lb center with the agility and strength of a power lifting heavyweight wrestler is a fearsome opponent for a D lineman.

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  • Lot to like about Hulick. Has a mean streak too.