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Who will be the "break out" players in the spring?

  • On offense,


    I think (or maybe I'm hoping) that Torian White will cement his place at left tackle. I saw Torian at a couple of UCLA practices when Torian was in high school. He looked like a prototype NFL OT. I was thrilled when he spurned USC to sign with UCLA. But his development disappointed me. He didn't put on any weight and failed to gain upper-body strength. He also had lapses during games when he just disappeared. Then we learned about his easily correctable HEART CONDITION which was mended during the bye week last season. My theory is that his heart condition prevented him from "pushing through" when he was challenged physically. I think he will grow leaps and bounds.

    Starting true freshmen on the offensive line speaks to desperation. Outside of Jonathon Ogden ability I always prefer that incoming freshman linemen redshirt. Goines needs to step it up too in off-season training. Our redshirt freshmen and sophomores need to step up. It's their time.


    Everyone has raved about this kid. I don't anything about this kid but he better be a break out performer along with Manfro. We need two running backs to step up. I've always liked Manfro, but made some very poor game changing decision. Since fans began chanting "Mamba" he may have pressed to live up to expectations. As a result "mamba" was still appropriate but spoke to his "lack of hands" rather than deadly quick strike abilities. He'll be fine.


    His immense talent is apparent however, I doubt that he will challenge at QB (though I do think he will give us a running dimension, quickness, that Hundley doesn't provide. Nevertheless, I think he is too talented to sit. I like how Northwestern used Kain Colter as a RB WR SLOT special teams, wildcat, and back up quarterback.

    On Defense...


    In high school "Ellis Island" was a beast. Injuries slowed his development. I sense that he will heal and make use of the off season training. Most student-athletes make the biggest jump between their first and second years. He was pretty quiet last year. I think he'll be a star this year.

    WE need an OLB to break out and play opposite Anthony Barr (I am a Loyola alum and saw AB play since the ninth grade -- People scoffed at me on other boards when I said he would "beast" at OLB). I don't know who but it is going to be dog fight in the spring. We've got Jeremy Castro (I like him on film); Aaron Wallace (who played okay last year but needs to stay in his lane); Olaniyan (who is an inside Linebacker really in a strong safey's bodyl And the paradox that is Zumwalt. I think Zumwalt has physical gifts but he does not play nor does he play with discipline. Makes a big play but sacrifices gap integrity. As a 4th year player I'd sit him down he can't figure it out. Opponent consistently ran plays runs in the zone he vacated when he was 'hotdogging". I hope Zumwalt starts acting like a senior, become disciplined, or watch the freshmen pass him by.

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  • Paul Perkins is my vote. Dude runs beast and is deceptivley fast. I also think Lucien and manfro on offense. On defense I would have to say Ishmael Adams. Dude is a lock down corner.

  • Funny, those are two guys I really didn't know too much about. Thanks for scoop.

  • Jordan payton isgonna do big things this year, I'd like to see manfro get more handoffs and less receiving, although it will be a good option out of the back field if he's able to fix his butterfinger problem. On D big E mcarthy is gonna need to step it up and I believe he will. Goforth is gonna have a good second year to go with his surprising frosh year, I remember his signing on fox and I thought he looked way too small to see time at UCLA but it was a pleasant surprise to see him get some PT and he plays with alot of heart.

  • I think Jordan Payton and Devin Lucien are exciting young receivers who have waited their turn.

    Goforth surprised me too, especially since he is so small. Actually, both of our safeties are pretty small. We have a lot of defense backs. The best 5 will play. It should be a fun battle to watch. Tevin McDonald would still be in my doghouse for letting his team down last year. I'd make him "earn" his teammates trust again. I wouldn't have a heart attack and die if one of the BIGGER true freshmen made the starting 11.

    There will be battle for spots at LB, DB and OL. It's a good problem to have.

  • I think we will see some encouraging Spring play from Perkins and Manfro at RB. Lucien, Fuller and Jordan at receiver. Ian Taubler and Nate Iese at TE/Y. Aaron Porter, Isiah Bowens and Kenny Orjioke at LB. Taylor Lagace at Safety. Adams, Goforth and Rios at the corners. Carl Hulick at Center/Guard, and Simon Goines at RT. Jerry Neuheisel at back up QB. Ellis, Owa, Marsh and Willis on D line.

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  • Interested to see how Steven Manfro does. Kid is talented.